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Shop The Entire Grocery Store to Save Money

A fairly good interview about how to cut down on costs while grocery shopping which is worth the view. He hits on a number of points to reduce the cost of grocery shopping and highlights the importance of shopping the entire store to get the best deal. For example, you are likely to find cheese in three different areas of your local grocery store: the deli, a cheese table/area and the dairy case. These areas will have the same or … Continue reading

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Easy and Cheap Holiday Snack Recipes

I thought since the holidays are fast approaching that I would share a few, very easy recipes that are also cost effective. My favorite quick and easy cookie recipe is especially suited to letting the kids help. As a person with several years of baking experience, I want to first recommend using good quality ingredients. Use real butter and real Vanilla extract. Artificial vanilla flavoring just does not have the same taste as the real thing. For general baking I … Continue reading

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