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Guide to Sales Cycles for Rock Bottom Prices

Guide to Sales Cycles for Rock Bottom Prices Most products are ‘sales-priced’ at least once every three months. However, a typical sales price may not provide a great deal. Brand name product coupons also appear quarterly, on average, in Sunday newspaper inserts. Teaming those coupons with sales prices might give a great deal. The best deals, however, usually come along once a year. They are generally predictable, and knowing when rock bottom prices, along with coupons, will arrive is key … Continue reading

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Choosing When to Buy Organic Produce

One reason consumers choose organic produce is to reduce their consumption of pesticides.  While there are a variety of research studies and a multitude of opinions on the medical, environmental and social aspects of organic foods, the bottom line for shoppers is choosing what is best for the physical and financial well being of their families.  There are many sources of information to guide these shopping decisions, but one of the best is an annually updated study published by the … Continue reading

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Flash’s DH Does Dinner for Less

This is a new feature – my DH writing, in his own husbandy words, his views on budgeting, couponing, and saving money.  This week, a favorite topic of his — dinner!  And now…here’s the DH’s POV:   In these economically challenging times, many of us are looking for ways to feed our families for less.  In recent weeks, supermarket chain stores in our area have been promoting their own versions of “dinner for  a family of 4 for $15”  The … Continue reading

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Organic and Natural product labels

It’s International Earth Month, and Earth Day is rapidly approaching. April has become one of my favorite shopping months in recent years as the “eco-movement” has grown, with more organic and natural products emerging and being promoted through Earth Month sales, coupons, and rebates. This year is a bit different, though. As the economy has tightened, the competition for promotional dollars has also tightened. Many “organic and natural” companies and brands are now owned by larger companies. The promotional dollars … Continue reading

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Eggs: Good, Bad, Organic, or Cheap?

It’s the time of year for GREAT savings on eggs!  But if you’ve been in the dairy aisle recently, you might have noticed the various types of eggs, and the prices that vary as well.  Organic, cage free, free range…99 cents or $5 a dozen!  Are eggs really that different between brands and labels?  Yes!  Are the higher priced eggs worth it?  Maybe.  As with most purchases, it’s up to the consumer to evaluate the differences and choose what’s best … Continue reading

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April Sales Cycles brings showers of savings

Stores and manufacturers both want to increase their sales, and the easiest way to attract shoppers is to offer great deals. To keep profits up, they tend to limit the savings to a few items, while keeping prices higher on other items to balance their losses. If your objective is to save money, you want to maximize your savings on sales items, and limit your purchase of higher priced items. You can achieve that by watching the sales cycles. Every … Continue reading

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Couponing at Craft Stores

If you are a crafter, consider signing up for their weekly newsletters.  Chances are you will receive loads of coupons you might not find elsewhere! Here are some examples for this Easter week: Michaels ACMoore There are also several from JoAnn’s, but I might be using them myself 🙂 You can often combine coupons with special offers and discounts, but the 40% off one item also allows you to create the sale you need that week. Most craft stores accept … Continue reading

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Sunday newspaper coupon inserts for April 5, FIVE sets!

If you need to plan your coupon hunting this weekend, here are some previews of the Newspaper insert coupon magazines to get you started. Remember, every newspaper region receives different values, and sometimes different products, but the general information will be the same. Here’s what the Baltimore metro area will be getting: SmartSource #1 Air Wick Aqua Essence Air Freshener spray, $1/1, 5/17/09 Air Wick original Spray, B1G1F, up to $1.19, 5/17/09 Air wick Freshmatic Ultra Refills, $1/1, 5/17/09 Air … Continue reading

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Stonyfield Farm Recall notice

FROM STONFIELD FARM EMAIL: Stonyfield Farm Announces Nationwide Recall of Specific Fat Free Plain Quarts Code Date May 6 and 7, 2009 Back to “Moos” Contacts: Alice Markowitz, Vice President of Communications,, 603-437-4040 Sarah Badger, Communications Specialist,, 603-437-4040 Londonderry, NH – April 3, 2009 Stonyfield Farm is conducting a voluntary recall of Fat Free Plain Quarts in Stonyfield Farm branded containers limited to specific dates. The products are being recalled because they may contain a presence of food … Continue reading

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Save $15 or more on Hill’s Science Diet

If you are looking for coupons on Science Diet pet foods, check your newspaper on Sunday, April 5th.  There should be a $5 off a small bag, and $10 off a large bag, of Hill’s Science Diet Nature’s Best dry dog food or cat food. Can’t wait that long?  You can also print a $5 coupon off the cat and off the dog food at link HTH

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