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Recommended Shelf Life for Almost Anything in Your Kitchen

Do you often wonder if the products in your refrigerator are still fresh, or if the can of food you “forgot” in the back of your cupboard is still good? Or, do you wonder if you should buy the last ten cans of almost free soup at your stores clearance sale? If so, here are some tips and recommendations compiled from leading manufacturer and government sources to help you sort out your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry shelves. Comon guidelines are … Continue reading

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$50 in printable coupons from Kraft Delicious Summer Savings

Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, Kraft announces their largest online coupon offering ever! Kraft’s “Delicious Summer Savings” promotion includes up to $50 in printable coupons for summer favorites and introducing a few new products. A limited supply is available, so if you want them, hurry to the Kraft Food and Family site and print! Here’s a link: Kraft Delicious Summer Savings Just register, or sign on to your existing Kraft account, and select any, or all, of … Continue reading

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Save Money and Waste Less with our Buying and Storage Guides

Summer is almost here, and with it an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmer’s Markets, local coops, or even supermarkets will offer a variety of seemingly fresh, fragrant, richly colored produce. Berries, melons, tomatoes…some organic, some conventionally grown, some freshly picked and some artificially ripened. As consumers, we will probably fill our shopping baskets, pile everything together, tuck it into the refrigerator’s produce drawer…and toss it out in a few days! On the average, American’s toss out ½ pound … Continue reading

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Get Coupon Savings without Clipping Coupons

It would be wonderful if everyone had access to great coupons. It would be even better if we all had the time and patience to clip them from papers, organize them, and compare them against sales prices at various local stores. It would be icing on the cake if the stores had all the items in stock, we could match the right coupon to the exact time, remember to had them to the cashier, and the coupons all scanned. What … Continue reading

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Be Prepared! Emergency Preparedness and Stockpiling

Buying products on sale for later use is the basis of “stockpiling” the savings. It’s practical for keeping pantry basics on hand, but it’s also a great way to plan ahead for emergencies. Hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, snow, a flu outbreak, or a job layoff can require a small stockpile of basic supplies already on hand to get you through the crisis. What better way to be prepared for whatever weather, financial bumps, or just life in general sends your … Continue reading

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