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Nature Made is paying $30,000 for part time bloggers!

I finally got past this cold enough to open my inbox. Along with my usual coupons, product advisories and announcements, and other newsletter stuff, there was an announcement from my Nature Made rewards program. Nature Made is offering $5000 a month, for six months, and providing a free laptop, for someone to blog about using their SAM-3 product. Nice! I've been a member of their advisory board and rewards program for years, and in all honesty they are aware I … Continue reading

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How to Earn a Free Turkey or other Thanksgiving Rewards

It’s time to talk turkey! Many stores offer free Thanksgiving Turkey or other free dinner promotions during the six weeks prior to Thanksgiving. While the offers vary somewhat from store to store, there are three basic types of offers: spend $300 at one store to receive your turkey; buy participating items to earn a turkey; and collect turkey “points” to earn a turkey. Each offer is designed to secure your loyalty and commitment to shopping exclusively at that store prior … Continue reading

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Some Hidden Benefits of Using Coupons

It happened again. I handed the cashier my club card and coupons while DH bagged our groceries – a full cart of beef, produce and general household items. The full price rang up to $200, but the final price I paid was $32. Seeing the savings I racked up, the young man behind me in line wanted to send his wife to learn to shop with me and the young cashier said she’d love to save that much, but it … Continue reading

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General Mills is inviting you to join their Advisory Panel!

Whether you want to be the first to try new products, or influence future ones, advisory panels are a great way to become involved. There are quite a few available, but here’s one you might not be aware of: General Mills and Small Planet Foods (Muir Glen and Cascadian Farm organics) have created the Mills Advisory Panel (MAP). MAP membership is currently open to US residents age 18 and over. Panelists complete online surveys and sample products, and in doing … Continue reading

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New Ways to Save on Groceries – Online Mall Rewards

It’s been around for several years now: shop online through a certain website linked to retailers like or and earn $ back or credit for a future purchase. EBates, Myrewards, Mypoints, even credit cards and banking cards, such as Visa and Bank of America, offer “buy more, save more” rewards programs through their “online mall” websites. Now supermarkets are offering similar online mall programs that provide rewards good for future grocery purchases. For example, A&P stores recently introduced … Continue reading

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