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Do Not Double Coupons

Why do coupons say “do not double” on them? When people start couponing, they often wonder why many coupons have “do not double” or “do not triple” written on them. The answer to this question is pretty simple and straightforward. The initial reaction when people see “do not double” on coupons is that the manufacturers are trying to stop grocery stores for offering better deals to their customers. There must be some reason that manufacturers don't want the coupons doubled, … Continue reading

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Safeway Coupon Policy 2010

Safeway Coupon Policy 2010 The Safeway coupon policy for 2010 hasn't changed from the 2009 Safeway coupon policy. All indications are that the 2011 Safeway coupon policy will continue to remain the same, but we will update this page if any changes to the Safeway coupon policy occur during the year. Safeway accepts three types of coupons: Safeway store coupons, manufacturer coupons and online manufacturer coupons. It is important to understand the difference between each o0f these coupons and how … Continue reading

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Kmart Double Coupons

Kmart Double Coupons 2010 One thing that is important to remember is that getting the best deals on groceries means considering retail outlets beyond grocery stores. If you have a Kmart nearby and live in an area where grocery stores don't double coupons, you are going to love this news. The week of April 4, 2010, Kmart plans to be offering double coupons. Kmart will double coupons up to $2 and will double up to 5 coupons per day. They … Continue reading

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