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Eating Well On $1 A Day

Note: If this is your first time to this challenge, you may want to read over the frequently asked questions. You may also be interested in how I did it without spending a whole lot of time by incorporating lazy couponing I was talking with my sister and explaining to her that with couponing, I think that I could live on $1 a day for food and have plenty to eat. She looked at me skeptically thinking that I was … Continue reading

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Blinkies: In-Store Coupon Machines

The SmartSource company places coupon machines in grocery stores where you can take a coupon right then and there to save on the item you purchase. These SmartSource coupon machines are often referred to as “blinkies” by most couponers. They get this name because the coupon dispensers usually have a green blinking light designed to attract your attention while walking down the grocery store aisles. Blinkies are usually found directly in front of (or at least nearby) the product for … Continue reading

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No Plan Grocery Store Saving

There will be times when you end up at the grocery store with no shopping plan in place. Due to time restraints, you failed to review the sales flyer and you rushed out without any of your coupons. It could be that you're on vacation and in a town that's unfamiliar. You may even be in the grocery store without a well thought out shopping list. Even when you aren't prepared, it doesn't mean that you can't still make the … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Refuses Internet Coupons

There are still a number of stores out there that refuse to honor Internet coupons (also called online coupons or printable coupons) due to the false impression that all coupons from the Internet are counterfeit. This impression does have its root in truth, but the problem has been largely solved. In the early 2000s a rash of counterfeit coupons hit the Internet and many stores accepted them without realizing that they were counterfeit. When it became apparent that the coupons … Continue reading

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