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Creating Havoc At The Hospital – Day 89: Eating Well On $1 A Day

When I started this challenge, the first few days didn’t look all that promising when I ended up in the emergency room (It turned out to be caused by an intestinal abscess, not because of my cooking). While antibiotics took care of the abscess, the doctors wanted to figure out what may have caused it which meant that I got to experience the joy of a colonoscopy. Those results came back without being able to definitively determine what caused it, … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Worth Missing A Morning Smoothie – Day 88: Eating Well On $1 A Day

Today was the last day of house sitting meaning that it was a travel day. I know from past experience that these days are always stressful and a pain when it comes to this challenge. In addition to moving all my stuff back to my home base, I had to pick up the people I was house sitting for from the airport and take my parents to another airport for a vacation they were taking. It was going to be … Continue reading

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Coffee Society Cupertino Coupon Meeting Sunday 8/1

I know that this is short notice, but looking at my schedule I will be traveling or house sitting well into the next month and I would like to talk to a few people about what they find most difficult or areas they are having trouble with couponing to help me address those issues with the basic guide I am putting together. Anyone that has some free time and would like to talk can meet at Coffee Society in Cupertino … Continue reading

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Roasted Stuffed Green Peppers – Day 87: Eating Well On $1 A Day

Today was basically an organization day and it didn’t begin on the right foot. Knowing that I would be leaving the house sitting job tomorrow, I needed to start packing up all of my stuff, cleaning up the house and bathroom, doing laundry and making sure everything was in order when the owners returned. The late hours and not enough sleep caught up to me and I ended up waking much later in the morning than I anticipated which threw … Continue reading

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I Still Can’t Flip An Omelet – Day 86: Eating Well On $1 A Day

The house sitting gig is coming to an end in a few days. Even though I have a pretty big cushion with my spending and would like to do another major grocery shopping run, I have been resisting. Moving the food from place to place is a real pain and I would like to avoid as much of that hassle as possible. It will also give me a chance to use up some of the stuff that I do have … Continue reading

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The Coupon Man Poem – Day 85: Eating Well On $1 A Day

It is bad enough that people have decided that it is OK to refer to me as “The Coupon Man” (I think my sister is telling everyone she knows to do it as part of her duty under SARBSS because she knows that it will get a reaction out of me) The irony is also not lost on me that this label is for someone that dislikes couponing as much as I do. One would assume it really couldn't get … Continue reading

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Free Cheese! Day 84: Eating Well On $1 A Day

I went to see my dad to do some paperwork for a nonprofit organization that we are launching together (completely different than this project — like I don’t have enough to do these days…but I digress) which meant that I was in an area with grocery stores that I don’t normally visit. I had been checking stores where I have been house sitting to see if I could find any of the elusive $1.00 off 1 peelie coupons that others … Continue reading

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Bacon! Day 83: Eating Well On $1 A Day

I had to make some decisions on how I wanted to proceed with this challenge these last couple of weeks. I think that I have done a decent job showing that it is possible to eat well on $1 a day and I've created a pretty decent cushion between the goal of eating on $1 a day and what I have actually spent. So the question I had to decide was whether I should see how much I could actually … Continue reading

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Some Foods Don't Mix – Day 82: Eating Well On $1 A Day

My sister is evil sometimes (how come they know all the buttons to push?). She knows that this experiment has had a huge impact at the way I look at the cost of things. I now tend to look at prices in terms of how many days of food something is worth even for non food items. So if we go to the store and there is a shirt for $15, I will ask myself if the shirt is worth … Continue reading

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The Coupon Man – Day 81: Eating Well On $1 A Day

I'm not sure if I should be happy that word is getting out that people can cut their shopping bills while helping those in their local community or if I should be hiding in shame in a deep, dark corner. It is definitely a double edged sword when articles refer to you as The Coupon Man when you dislike couponing as much as I do… I have had a number of people wanting to know more about me which I … Continue reading

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