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Nature Valley Preserve The Parks

If you are like me and greatly enjoy our National Parks (I also love our State Parks), there is a great way to help them out at no additional cost to you over the next six months. From May 1st – October 31st Nature Valley is helping to raise up to a half million dollars to help preserve US National Parks. Nature Valley is donating $400,000 to the National Parks Conservation Association. In addition, Nature Valley will be donating up … Continue reading

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Couponing: Picking A Grocery Store

Now that you know the different types of coupons out there and how to stack coupons, your initial urge will be to go full steam into couponing and try to look for the best deals each week at every store in your area. Resist this urge. Seriously. As I mentioned at the beginning, you want to take the first month to practice. The best way to practice is to choose a single grocery store you feel comfortable with to start … Continue reading

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Double Coupons

The conventional wisdom is that if you’re going to save a lot of money with coupons, you have to live in an area where grocery stores offer double coupons. While it’s certainly easier to find many more food deals when you have stores that will double coupons, double coupon grocery stores aren’t necessary in order to save a lot of money. I can confirm this because live in an area where stores don’t double coupons, yet I was still able … Continue reading

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Stacking Coupons

Now that you are familiar with the different types of coupons (manufacturer coupons, store coupons, Catalina coupons, instant rebates, product rebates, eCoupons) that are out there, it is important to learn how to stack the different coupons and discount promotions. Stacking is using a coupon in conjunction with a sale and/or in conjunction with other discounts. In other words, your stack discounts on top of one another. It is the process of stacking which will allow you to get food … Continue reading

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Electronic coupons (usually referred to as eCoupons) are coupons that you get on the Internet and load directly onto your grocery store’s shopping card. The main advantage of eCoupons is that there is no clipping and organizing involved when you use them. You simply chose them on a website and they are loaded onto your grocery store card. There are two main eCoupon websites: and Grocery stores have also recently started to create their own electronic coupon database … Continue reading

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General Mills Groupon: New Source For Coupon Deals?

Don’t be surprised if you see more consumer goods available on Groupon in the near future at more than 50% off. Today General Mills became the first major consumer product company to test the daily-deal site where they offered 4,500 packages and the deal sold out quickly (it was only available in San Francisco and Minneapolis). General Mills offered 12 General Mills products for $20.00, a discount of more than 50% off the regular retail price. In addition, the deal … Continue reading

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Grocery List

This is certainly not your typical grocery list, but it sure is cool!

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