Coupon Scams

One area that all people who decide to use coupons need to take special care about are coupon scams. There are a wide variety of them that will attempt to seperate you from your hard earned money. Taking care and becomming aware of the different types of coupon scams that exist will help you avoid falling prey in this area:

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2 Responses to Coupon Scams

  1. jeremy miller says:

    Have you run across cashiers who ‘forget’ to enter your coupon upon checkout? I suspect they are pocketing the money.

  2. jeffrey says:


    Not sure how they would pocket the money – they don’t get reimbursed for the coupons, the store does. And they can’t take out money from the register for the coupon price cause the coupon was never scanned so the register wouldn’t add up correctly.

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