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Finding Coupons For Your Grocery List

When you first begin couponing, and while you are still building up a stockpile of food, there are going to be times when you need to buy food that isn’t on sale. The question becomes how do you find the coupons for these products if you haven’t clipped, sorted and organized all the coupons from the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts? Fortunately, the Internet once again provides us with a way of efficiently finding these coupons without spending hours developing a … Continue reading

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Stacking Coupons

Now that you are familiar with the different types of coupons (manufacturer coupons, store coupons, Catalina coupons, instant rebates, product rebates, eCoupons) that are out there, it is important to learn how to stack the different coupons and discount promotions. Stacking is using a coupon in conjunction with a sale and/or in conjunction with other discounts. In other words, your stack discounts on top of one another. It is the process of stacking which will allow you to get food … Continue reading

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Electronic coupons (usually referred to as eCoupons) are coupons that you get on the Internet and load directly onto your grocery store’s shopping card. The main advantage of eCoupons is that there is no clipping and organizing involved when you use them. You simply chose them on a website and they are loaded onto your grocery store card. There are two main eCoupon websites: ShortCuts.com and CellFire.com. Grocery stores have also recently started to create their own electronic coupon database … Continue reading

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Free Trident Gum at Safeway

There is a possible opportunity to get free Trident gum this week at Safeway. Yesterday while I was buying 225 boxes of fruit snacks for the local food bank, I noticed a large cardboard displaynear one of the cash registers for three new types of Trident Vitality gum: Vigorate, Rejuve and Awaken. On this display was a tearpad with buy one get one free coupons (up to $1.69 value) on it. The terarpad was in the middle of the display … Continue reading

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Free or Cheap Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

I just got back from Safeway and I was able to purchase 60 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks for free. Even if you don’t have any coupons, you should be able to purchase 5 boxes of fruit snacks for $0.45 tomorrow (Tuesday 3/8) The key is that the Catalina machines are printing out two coupons when you purchase 5 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks. One is a manufacturer coupon for $1.50 off 3 Betty Crocker fruit snacks The … Continue reading

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Product Rebates

I will state up front that I am not a big rebate fan. Since one of the main objectives I have with couponing is to make it as easy and painless as possible, rebates usually don’t fit with this goal. Even when the food will end up free after the rebate, the amount of extra effort it will take usually makes me decide to pass the vast majority of the time. It just isn’t fun for me to gather all … Continue reading

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Catalina Coupons

Catalina coupons (sometimes called “checkout coupons” and often referred to as “CATs” on couponing sites) are the secret weapon of extreme couponing that often allow you to get free or nearly free products at the grocery store — and sometimes even turn buying food into a money making opportunity. Catalina coupons are named after the company that distributes them and are coupons which you sometimes receive with your receipt at the grocery store. Catalina coupons do not actually come from … Continue reading

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Instant Discounts

When it comes to saving money on food, one of the best types of promotions to look for are instant discounts (sometimes called “instant rebates”). These are promotions put on by manufacturers when they have surplus of a product that they want to get rid of and thus encourage the shopper to buy multiples to get a discount. The best part of instant discount promotions is that you don’t have to do any extra work in order to get the … Continue reading

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Store Coupons

While most coupons are distributed by manufacturers, grocery stores will also distribute their own coupons from time to time. Store coupons are created for the same reason that grocery stores have sales — to help drive customer traffic to their stores. While often times store coupons will be for store brand products, this is not always the case. It is possible to find store coupons for brand name products as well from time to time. The main difference between store … Continue reading

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Manufacturer Coupons

I mentioned earlier that while in the long run couponing should save you time, there would be an initial learning curve. One of the most important aspects of this learning curve is understanding the different types of coupons that exist. The coupons that are most familiar to the vast majority of people are manufacturer coupons. These are important because they are the most common type of coupon and the ones you will come across most of the time. These are … Continue reading

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