Where To Find Coupons

When people dismiss that great savings can be achieved with coupons, one of the reasons is that there is an assumption that the only place to find coupons is in the Sunday paper. While this is one place where you can find coupons, it is by no means the only place. In fact, there are many other opportunities to get coupons that are likely of a higher value and more appropriate to your shopping than can be found in the Sunday paper. here are some of the places you can look to find quality coupons to reduce your grocery shopping bill:

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  2. Nelda Blair says:

    i think this is a great idea to
    help people, with the economy being
    as it is.

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  14. couponmebaby says:

    Please help me what stores are the best at taking and doubling coupons and when should I shop them ,I need everyday items in my house food, drink, cooking supplies ,a house hold items, and womene products for my kids and men stuff for me and my son. Please help get to the road to successs and happiness through saving money. Thanks you