Sprint is a nationally recognizable mobile carrier. Its plans offer unlimited talk, text, and data at high speeds. Sprint’s services are low cost and competitive, and the company is continually improving its speed, technology, and products with consumers in mind. One way the mobile retailer aims to retain and reward customers is through the My Sprint Rewards Program.

What is My Sprint Rewards Program

The app is created to thank Sprint customers for their loyalty by providing them access to valuable perks and deals. The deals on the app are accessible at any time and deals often reset or are added regularly. To utilize and explore the app’s offerings you can download My Sprint Rewards from the App Store or Google Play. Once you download the app, it asks you to enter your mobile number and receive a pin code. Along with the pin code, you provide additional details to set up your account. Once logged in you can immediately begin accessing offerings. Note you must be a Sprint Customer to access the deals.

Sprint’s My Rewards Program offers many deals on entertainment, beauty, electronics, travel, and offerings from other nationally recognized retailers. The retailer also offers cashback incentives. Here are some of the best offerings on the app right now:

Cashback opportunities

If you are looking into hosting guests in your home through Airbnb you can earn $50 cashback going through the app. If you looking for love, you can sign up with eharmony today and earn 40% cashback on your purchase an additional 15% for signing up as a new member with the site. F you are taking advantage of some of the flight deals posted, you can earn up to 20% cashback on airport parking through Airport Parking Reservations. Other deals included 20%off plus $15 cashback on housekeeping services through Care.com, $10 cashback on your first order using Instacart, and 8% cashback at Nautica and Tarte Cosmetics.

Monthly Date Night

There are several recurring deals on the app, but my favorite are those for a night in. From now until September 2020, the rewards app is giving you a free Fandango movie code once per month. The movie codes are redeemable on any of the sties 10,000 featured standard film offerings. If you like the movies but are looking for other date night ideas, do not overlook the Top Golf offer on the app. They offer customers with 1 hour of play when they purchase an hour on Sundays. With these deals, you get two date night ideas a month.

Other offerings

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge, Sprint’s My Rewards App helps you do just that. Right now you can access a free four-week course at Shaw Academy online. You can gain job skills or expand your knowledge on hobbies, business, marketing, and the likes. To secure this deal you must redeem by 01/31/2020.

The new rewards site has much to offer its loyal customers. I have taken advantage of many of the app’s offerings to include receiving gift cards to Krispy Kreme, Amazon, Cold Stone, Panera Bread, and savings on the Cinemark Movie Club. If you have Sprint, it is a free service worth checking out.


Have you used the Sprint Rewards Program? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.



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