The Real Cost of Coupons

If you like to save on your grocery bill, then you surely know about couponing. Couponing is amazing in terms of bringing the cost of premium products down. They also allow you to try new items and pick up name brand products for a discount, sometimes even free. These coupons come in the form of digital coupons attached to a loyalty card, store coupons, and manufacturers coupons. For those just learning about couponing, you may be interested in the real cost of couponing and its cost-benefit to you. 

Best BOGO Deals of the Week

I love a good sale and if I can get 2 items for the price of one, even better especially since a holiday is near. If you love to shop and love sales, today’s deals will be centered on the BOGO. Buy one get one free offer can mean different things in different states. In a true BOGO sale, you pay full price for one item, and the other is free. In some grocery stores, if each item rings up 50% off. You can check out the video for more information on what a BOGO deal is and how to maximize use with coupons. Otherwise, follow along for the best BOGO deals of the week.

Tips on Purchasing a Dyson for Less

As this pandemic continues, I’ve had a lot of time to fix up things around the house, write, and clean. The most daunting task for me seems to be vacuuming. Moving from room to room, plugging it up, and dirt getting trapped at the bottom of my cleaner is frustrating. I needed a new vacuum. One that would outperform the rest and last a long time so I settled on a Dyson. One thing that set me back was the price. Faced with the price dilemma, here are a few tips on purchasing a Dyson for less.