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Guide to Finding the Best Coupons Looking for coupons? Newspapers aren’t the only place, or even the best place to look for them. This guide gives you detailed insights, information, and how-tos for finding the best money saving coupons for your needs. Individual guides include:

Guide to Brand Contacts for Coupons, Newsletters, and Special Promotions: Lists and links to all major manufacturer coupon offers

2009 Newspaper Insert Schedule

Guide to Saving at your Local Grocery Stores: A step-by-step guide for finding savings and deals in your local area.

Couponing Basics

Additional Savings Strategies

Organizing Coupons

Keeping a Price Book

$330 in Groceries for $27: A practical example saving 90% on groceries

Guide to Buying and Storing Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Spices, Meats and Pantry Items Whether you need to know what a ripe mango should look, smell, and feel like, or how to store a box of cereal indefinitely, these guides will provide the information you need. Buy items at the peak of their season, at the best prices, and keep them fresh until the next great sale comes along.

Guide to Food Shelf Life: Understanding how long food stays fresh is important information that can help you avoid buying too much when grocery shopping. This guide gives you all the shelf lives for the basic foods you will find in your cupboards and refrigerator.

Guide to Monthly Sales Cycles: One of the best ways to save money is to time buying the things you need to their sales cycle. This guide gives you a list of items that will be at rock bottom prices every month, so you can plan ahead and stock up.

Be Prepared! — Emergency Preparedness and Stockpiling: Knowing what to have on hand in an emergency is important, and keeping those supplies fresh and update, at little cost, is too. Here’s list of what to keep on hand as you begin to stockpile your savings.

Guide to Pharmacy and Prescription Savings: Compare prices, find prescription coupons and rebates, use copayment reductions savings, review the current list of grocery stores offering $4 for 30 day generic prescriptions, and capitalize on your Flexible Spending Account to save money on all your pharmacy needs. 

Additional Resources:

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