Where would you look for a car wash coupon? The same person who recently asked me about Honey Baked Ham coupons asked me about this. Honestly, I know even less about car washes than ham coupons. I haven’t owned a car in well over a decade. When I did own a car, I washed it myself. I’m not sure I’ve ever even used a car wash. Nevertheless, I’m familiar with coupon resources. Therefore, I figured that with a little bit of research, I could figure out where to get a good car wash coupon.

Is a Car Wash Coupon the Cheapest Option?

Before you look for a car wash coupon, though, make sure that you ask yourself if you really want to pay for a car wash at all. If you can easily and affordably wash the car yourself, then it might not be worth it to take it to a professional car wash. Moreover, you might be able to pay a local teen to wash the car for you. That could be a lot cheaper than a professional job, even if you do have a car wash coupon.

Another option, of course, is to look for a local fundraiser car wash. This may or may not be cheaper than a professional job. However, if you believe in the cause that they’re raising money for, then the cost could be well worth it to you.

Where to Find Car Wash Coupons

The first place that I would look for a car wash coupon is at the car wash itself. If you have a car wash that you go to regularly, then you should ask there. After all, they want to keep your business. Therefore, they may be able to give you a deal. If the staff member tells you that they don’t have any coupons, then ask to talk to a manager just to be sure. Furthermore, sign up for any mailing lists that they offer. They might send you a car wash coupon that way.

Some people like to get their cars washed at the local gas station, in the drive-through service machine. If so, check the gas station for a car wash coupon before you ride through. Make sure to also ask about deals that they have. Sometimes they give you a discount on the car wash if you’ve just filled up your tank.


Groupon regularly offers car wash coupons. Go to your local area page for the coupon site. Go to “categories.” Then, select “automotive” and filter to “auto cleaning.” If you want to, you can further refine the search to just “car wash.” However, I found that looking at all of the auto cleaning coupons gave a broader array of options that might help you if you’re looking for detailing and advanced cleaning.

When I glanced through the local coupons for my site, I found that they tended to offer between 30% and 50% off of car wash services.

Other Places to Find Car Wash Coupons

Any coupon site is always a good place to look for coupons. Check Yelp to find car wash coupons near you. Check the website for your local car washes to see if they’re advertising any deals or coupons. Also, make sure that you sign up for local business deals in your neighborhood. I receive these in my mail regularly and I’m sure there is a car wash coupon in there from time to time.

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