By Melissa Ringstaff

The average family spends several hundred dollars on groceries each month. It is possible to spend $200.00 or less on your groceries each month! Even if you have three or more children.

** First: pay attention to how much each item costs and compare! Store brands are generally cheaper than name brand products. No, the grocery store does not make their own foods, they contract out to a company who does. Many time one factory will make a food and package them differently for different companies, yet what is inside the package is the same! Don’t assume that the store brands won’t taste good.

** Use coupons on items that are on sale. But check to make sure that it is the best deal before putting it into your buggy!

** Bulk purchase sale items. When something goes on sale for a great price, buy enough to last until the next sale. This ensures that you will pay the lowest possible price for that item. You won’t have to purchase it again at a higher price. If you have a small kitchen or little cabinet space, look for other places in your house to store canned goods. Under the bed, in a little used closet, under that accent table covered with a table cloth, etc.

** Don’t buy non-food items at the grocery store. The prices are often inflated. The store gets you for the convenience of buying it there.

** Go over sale flyers weekly and purchase loss leader items. Good time to use those coupons!

** Get a supermarket discount card if your store offers one. We have a little key ring with all the different store’s cards for our area. We keep it in the car.

** Don’t buy convenience foods. Bake cakes, biscuits, pasta salads, etc. from scratch. You may feel that you do not have time to bake. But think about the amount of time you spend in the grocery store purchasing these convenience foods! If you aren’t a great cook, practice! Get a good basic cookbook and follow the directions precisely. Easy! Just pay attention to what you are doing. Besides costing less, homemade foods taste better and are healthier for your family.

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