Grocery shopping can turn into a real budget buster, so finding ways to save on necessities like food and household goods can help you spend less, allowing your money to go further. Coupons are a great way to access savings, requiring very little effort to use and they are completely free to acquire. If you are new to this site and are looking to get started in coupons, here are ten ways to do this.

  1. Sign Up for Store Cards

Store loyalty cards are vital if you want to receive certain discounts, including automatic access to digital coupons you find or even personalized savings offers based on your buying habits. If you shop at certain stores regularly, make sure to always sign up.

  1. Get Store Apps

Another way to get started in coupons is to use store apps.  Many grocery stores put their sales circulars on their apps, and some allow you to add the items to your loyalty card and even create a shopping list based on what you add. This can help you track the promotions you spotted while also saving you time in comparison to writing a list by hand.

  1. Examine Promotions Closely

If you see a sale, make sure to check the details. Offers like “buy one, get one free”doesn’t always require you to purchase two to receive a discount, as you can sometimes purchase one for 50 percent off instead. However, that isn’t necessarily the case, as some stores require you to buy two to access the savings, so make sure to review the details before you buy.

  1. Stack Store Savings with Coupons

Combining store sales with manufacturer’s coupons can lead to big savings, so it’s always wise to try and time your purchases so you can use both. This is particularly powerful if you get a store coupon, such as X dollars off of a purchase of Y dollars, where you can combine the discounts to lower your cost at the checkout counter significantly.

  1. Take Advantage of Double Coupon Days

An excellent way to get started in coupons is to take advantage of double coupons.  Highly competitive areas may have stores that offer double or even triple coupon days. This means your digital coupon is worth more as long as you shop on the right day. If you can combine those coupons with sale prices, you can even get products for free if you have a good coupon.

  1. Use Cashback Apps

There is a slew of cashback apps that can help you save big. Options like Checkout51, Ibotta, and Savingstar essentially issue a rebate for qualifying purchases, allowing you to access rewards (including cash) once you reach the minimum withdrawal requirement.

  1. Visit Major Coupon Sites

Coupon issuers like Red Plum or Coupon Marathon have the same savings that you find in their circulars on their websites, and many can be directly added to your loyalty card. This means you don’t have to print or clip the coupon to enjoy the discount.

  1. Don’t Forget Price Matching

A lot of stores offer price matching, allowing you to get a lower price if another store has one advertised. This can be particularly handy if you have a coupon that can be used in one store and not another, as it allows you to maximize your savings.

  1. Convert the Savings to Unit Prices

Sometimes, the larger item isn’t cheaper per unit (such as per ounce or serving) than a smaller package, particularly when a coupon applies to multiple sizes. To see which item offers the best discount, take the time to do the math by deducting the coupon’s value from the price and dividing by the standard unit for each size, comparing the results.

  1. Check Coupon and Sales Restrictions

Most coupons have various restrictions regarding their use, often dictating a minimum size that must be purchased (generally preventing people from using coupons on trial-sized items). If you fail to follow the rules, then the coupon won’t be applied, so it’s wise to review the fine print before making a purchase.

For sales, you may either be required to buy a minimum number of items to access the discount, or restricted to a particular purchase limit. When you encounter a purchase limit, any excess product beyond that stated will be charged at full price, so be careful to look for this information before stocking up.

So, there you have it – ten ways to get started in coupons!

Do you have any other ways that might help people get started in coupons? If so, share it in the comments below!

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