Fashion is not just what is currently “IN” on catwalks. Fashion is what makes you, and something which you make unique. When you wear a trendy piece of clothing, keep in mind that you wear it, not the other way around.

If you are just a blind fashion lover and buy clothes just because someone said it’s season’s favorite, you do not have your personal style. That’s why none outfit will look good on you. But if you carry “out-of-fashion” pieces with the attitude, you’ll shine in every combination.

Although the western style is modern for the last couple of seasons, there are people who have worn it for their whole life. Or those who have, at least, fringe jacket or a cowboy hat. If fashion designers don’t say that Western style is “IN” this season, these people will be considered somewhat eccentric if they wear these clothes every day, not just for the Halloween party.

But when we think of a lady wearing Western outfit, cowgirl boots are inevitable part of this image. And this is definitely a piece of wardrobe that can look perfectly fit into everyday outfits. If you have a good, quality pair of these boots, be sure that, with proper maintenance, it will last for many, many years. Apart from giving a characteristic mark to any combination, this footwear is very comfortable and useful.

Cowboy Boots and Jeans – Best Friends Forever

Jeans is the most common piece of wardrobe and something that is inevitable in every closet. You must all have at least one favorite pair of jeans that you like to wear whenever you get a chance. So why not combine them with cowgirl boots?

In recent years, the latest trends are shallow models of cowgirl boots, up to the ankle. They can fit very well with straight-cut or even flared jeans, which also had its fashion comeback a few seasons ago. Combined with a romantic, thin shirt or a blouse of some lightweight material, you are ready for a date, whether outside or in a fancy restaurant. This model of jeans won’t flatter you if you have wide hips because you can look shorter and thicker.

Maybe it’s a bit weird to wear cowboy boots during summer, but if you fit them with a high-waist jeans shorts or skirt, you have a perfect outfit for an open-air concert or hanging out with friends. For the upper part, opt for a regular t-shirt, tank top, or even a crop top.

To avoid feet sweating, do not wear these boots during a day when the outside temperature is too high. They are better for summer evenings and make sure you take a thin leather jacket for chilly nights. More ideas how you can fit cowboy ankle boots find on this page.

Boho Cowgirl Style

Although these mostly associate us with wild, wild west and western movies, cowgirl boots can look so good combined with romantic and breezy combinations. And the fashion synonyms for a tender woman are maxi dresses, long skirts, and tunics made of lightweight materials. Amongst fashion experts, this style is recognizable as boho, and it is distinguished by gentle, pastel colors, flower patterns, and casual outfits.

Boho chic style is intended for everyone who likes a relaxed way of life and apparel. Because of the texture and layers of the materials, it is ideal for wearing from spring to autumn. Long, wavy dresses, pants or tunics with a mixture of ethnic or gypsy details give a stunning image of extravagance that exudes with positive energy and freedom.

Can you imagine these outfits in combination with your favorite cowboy boots? Of course, the footwear should be discreet, if possible, because this style is quite impressible. You can wear ankle cowgirl boots with long dresses or skirts, while deeper models (up to the half of calf long) can be fitted with jeans shorts, mini skirt, or some hippy tunic.

These outfits are a good choice during days off, for a city walk or afternoon coffee with friends. Maybe this model of boots looks a bit uncomfortable, but the Cuban heel offers support for the entire foot so you can spend all day wearing cowgirl boots without any problems. Especially if you treat yourself with some of the hand-made models, like those from Tecovas; then you can be sure that your style is unique.

Stylish Business Woman in Cowgirl Boots

Working in big corporations can often make you a person without a personality, which fits into that corporate image. All those dark colors, uniforms, and monotonous dressing can look a bit depressive. If you want to stand out without being too extravagant, you can match a classic business suit with the leather cowgirl boots.

Or you can combine a simple-cut, business dress of some neutral color with mid-calf cowgirl boots, which may have some discreet print or embroidery. The suit jacket is a must because this part of the clothes gives this particular, professional note to your outfit.

If your company doesn’t have a strict dress code, you can use some tips from the previous paragraph, which refer to a combo of cowgirl boots and casual, breezy dresses (lengths over the knees, of course). You can emphasize the waist with some high-quality leather belt, which you will pair with footwear.

Besides ankle boots, you can opt for mid-calf models, with a thin heel and a less pointed top, which will give your combination a dose of sex appeal. And of course, it is advisable to choose more discreet prints and designs for this occasion, because it is still a job and you have to look stylish, but professional.

When it comes to fashion, you don’t have to be an innovator. But you do not have to completely adhere to what dictate style experts, celebrities and fashion magazines. You should wear what you feel good in and what fits you perfectly. Timeless pieces of clothing will always find a way to get back on the scene, and cowgirl boots are definitely something you should have in your wardrobe.

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