Grocery shopping contributes to a large bill every month. Everyone is looking to save on costs, especially since things are going up! With that being said, I’ve given you plenty of coupon apps to use over the years. Here’s a new one. It’s called Flipp. Read along to find more information about how you can save money with Flipp.

What Is Flipp?

Flipp purports to help you save money each week on your grocery shopping. The app’s website notes that it is an all-in-one savings application. It puts deals from your favorite stores at your fingertips each week. By using it, you can save an average of $45 every week! The Flipp app is not exclusive to grocery deals. It shows deals and information from your favorite big box brands, electronics and hardware stores, and more. You can use the app to search weekly ads and digital coupons, as well as make shopping lists.

How Does It Work?

To get started, download the application. Once you have registered and opened the app, it immediately asks you to start searching for stores nearby. Click the button and watch the app work its magic! A list of stores will pop up. You will then select your favorite ones from that list. Once added, you select items you are most interested in finding deals on before a unique dashboard is created for you. From there, access weekly ads, add your loyalty rewards cards, add coupons, and create shopping lists.

What Can You Earn?

Sadly, Flipp is not a cashback website. So there are no earning opportunities and cash-out rewards. However, the savings lie in the ability to look at all the sales ads of your favorite stores and add coupons to your loyalty card in one place. This means easy access to all the information you need to create a budget-friendly shopping list.

Grocery shopping can be costly, but by using the Flipp app, you can save money! Try it out today, and let me know what you think about the app.

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