Delivery services have become really essential to people worldwide. Their ability to offer convenience in doorstep delivery has made them the darling of many Americans. They eliminate the need for arduous, time-consuming physical store trips. This has also increased the availability of options and choices for shoppers.

Furthermore, delivery services have been the backbone of eCommerce. With delivery services available and constantly improving, online shopping is now globally trending. This has created many job opportunities for people across the world. For instance, you can now easily find international courier jobs on Jooble regardless of location. However, you must be careful while choosing the delivery company you want to work with. Don’t get stuck with an average or lesser delivery service when you are simply an educated decision away from choosing the best.

In this regard, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to help solve this problem, researching the best delivery services in the US.

Best Delivery Companies In The US

The United State’s delivery industry is vast and diverse. Some companies cater to the delivery of almost everything, from food to groceries to parcels to larger objects. Many companies are specialized, choosing a delivery niche to work with.

Here is a selection of great delivery companies across different niches:

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a comprehensive, all-inclusive delivery service focused mainly on eCommerce. Amazon Prime is a household name in the US and is known for its fast delivery service, usually two days or less. They have an array of services, and users have tons of benefits. These include Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Video, and Amazon Days events.

  • UPS and FedEx

United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx are parcel delivery services in the United States. They are the two most trusted parcel delivery services in the US. They offer a wide range of shipping options like express, ground, and international services. These companies have established themselves so well that they are trusted by individuals and businesses.

UPS has one of the most extensive delivery services globally, with a robust presence in the USA. This features a large fleet of vehicles, drop-off locations, and distribution centers. They provide an extensive tracking service and time-definite delivery operation.

Similarly, FedEx is a global logistics, delivery, and transportation company. They also connect businesses and consumers worldwide and offer both express and economical delivery services. FedEx has multiple customer service channels and innovative technology that makes their service efficient.

  • Uber Eats and DoorDash

These are giants in the food delivery business. In the era when everything is bought at the tap of a click on one’s phone, the food business has moved past restaurant scales and found its place in the online world. Uber Eats is a darling to foodies and restaurants alike. It has an app with a user-friendly interface allowing customers to order food from the extensive network of restaurants that Uber Eats is connected to.

Similarly, DoorDash connects customers to local restaurants, enabling people to have their favorite food at their door in minutes without leaving the comfort of their homes.

  • Instacart and Walmart Grocery Delivery

These giant delivery services in the United States help get groceries to people’s doorsteps without the hassle of going to the store or picking up one’s shopping in person.

Instacart partners with various grocery shops, helps people shop from them, and delivers to their homes.

On the other hand, Walmart grocery delivery is owned by one of the largest retail chains in the US. This online part of Walmart helps people shop for what they want without physically going to the store.


Delivery is no longer a service; it is now a lifestyle. From small to large, perishable and non-perishable consumables and other products, delivery is sought for every type of goods these days. This has necessitated delivery services that cater to each of these needs, including express service to ensure perishable and urgent deliveries get to their owners on time and ground service to save on costs, among others.

Knowing the right delivery service is crucial, as it helps prevent the headache of using the wrong delivery company. These challenges of the wrong choice include but are not limited to lost and damaged items, bad delivery timing, and inability to track the items, among others. However, this article has equipped you with the best delivery services for hassle-free delivery in the USA.

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