Backyard celebrations can be a great way to enjoy an exciting time with family and friends. If you have a large backyard, you should consider throwing something like a graduation party there, renting chairs, tables, and tents to make it even more comfortable and accessible. As you plan your party, you’ll want to stock up on food and supplies. Here are some tips for stocking up successfully before your backyard celebration.

Make Sure Your Yard Is Ready

Before you buy anything, make sure that your backyard is ready to host the party. If it isn’t, you’ll need to do extra work alongside your grocery runs. So start by checking if your yard has everything it needs. Does your fencing need to be replaced? Wood fences can last over 20 years. But if it is worn out, then you should replace it before the party. You want your backyard to look its best for the big day!

Have Plenty of Storage Available

If you’re stocking up before the party, you want to have a place to keep it. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself tripping over supplies during the days leading up to the party. Consider the places in your home where you could temporarily keep your supplies. You might have closet space, cabinets, or a basement where you can keep your food after your grocery preparation runs.

You can also get outdoor storage to help ease the burden as well. For a large party, consider portable storage. The self-storage and portable storage industry is very strong, so there are many options to choose from. In fact, Bold Business reported that the industry has had 7.7% annual growth since 2012, bringing it to a value of $38 billion. So look into outdoor portable storage to help contain your party supplies.

Compare Prices

Don’t just go to the first grocery store you see. Instead, figure out what you’ll need for the party and compare prices at various stores. Some are significantly cheaper than others. So you’ll get the exact same food at a lower cost. While this does require you to plan ahead and do some research, it’s worth it. You’re going to be buying a lot of food for this party, so you want to keep to your budget while buying the best quality food you can.

Buy Food and Supplies in Bulk

If there is a bulk grocery store in your area, take advantage of it as you prepare for your backyard party. They often sell their items at a steep discount. You need to buy large amounts of them in order to get the discount, but you’re doing that anyway as you prepare for your party. If there is not a bulk grocery store near you, look into online options and stores in neighboring communities. It could be worth the discount if you take a drive to get all of your supplies at once.

Keep Staples on Hand

While this advice applies to your party, it’s something you should consider all the time anyway. You should always have some pantry staples on hand. Not only is this useful for unexpected life situations, but it can be very helpful during a big event like a backyard party. If something happens and you don’t have enough food, you can dip into your pantry to make something. Consider buying extras of things like pasta, spices, and other foods you use regularly. That way, you’ll never have to worry about running out of food at your party.

Planning a backyard party can be stressful, but there are ways to make it easier. As you stock up for your own celebration, keep these tips in mind. Start early and apply them as you go. This will help you save money and get the supplies you need.

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