Celebrated to acknowledge the freedom of Israelites from the slavery they faced in Egypt, the Passover holiday takes place over the course of seven days. Ordinarily, it is the first night (which involves a large feast known as the sedar) that can cause the most stress when it comes to the financial side of things, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Seeing as Passover is supposed to be a joyous and stress-free occasion, it is perfectly in your ability to cut out any financial worries and host a special Passover on a strict budget that won’t break the bank. 

Think Smart

The first thing to do is remember that Passover happens once every year. In this way, you are not only trying to budget your Passover celebration for this year but, also, for all of the years in the future that you’ll be hosting it. Although you may feel it goes against the concept of budgeting, it’s alright to spend a bit of money if it is going to be utilised for years to come. 

In terms of the dining table, for instance, buffing it up with some beautiful table spreads and crockery is a great way to make the event truly special, and what’s more, you can take it out of the cupboard and use them for every Passover. Nadavart sterling silver Judaica products, for instance, are incredibly unique and professional, and their beauty and longevity make them a perfect décor investment that is well worth the price.

Be Realistic

While the décor and dinner sets will last you forever, the food will only last until it gets placed on the table (depending on how good it is, of course!) For this reason, it is important that you are realistic with what you need and the ingredients you are going to buy. During Passover, hosts tend to overdo themselves. Really, a main, some sides and a salad are more than ample for a Passover meal. 

When it comes to Passover food, the emphasis should be on quality over quantity. If your guests are content and happy with the delicious meals you have made for them, they are not going to be complaining about the lack of entrees. As well as this, they will also be happier with homemade meals and treats, which will similarly help your budget. The grocery store treats during Passover can be very expensive, so just buying a few ingredients to make everything yourself will help keep your wallet from getting lighter.

Plan, Plan, Plan

With any Jewish holiday, preparation is the key to happiness and keeping a clear, concise head. This means that, no matter what meal (breakfast, lunch or supper), you should plan ahead and work out exactly what you need. So you want cake mixture for a dessert? How much cake mixture? So one of the recipes requires walnuts? How many walnuts? 

Work out measurements and amounts ahead of time, and you will be in a far better place to save in the grocery store. You can even send out the menu to the guests, asking them to bring along any ingredients that you are not able to find for a good price (providing they have it, of course). This will also help to bring a level of calm and structure to the holiday, allowing your guests and, most importantly, yourself to properly enjoy it.

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