When to Buy/In Season:
Season: October to March

How to Select:
Look for: well-shaped white buls with green, feather like leaves

Organic Issues:
Fennel is relatively untouched by pests or diseases, and conventional crops typically do not require treatment. However, other organic issues, such as treatment of the environment and farmers are still in play.

Pesticide Issues:

How to Store:
Store: Refrigerate fennel in crisper or wrapped in plastic bags, use within 2 – 5 days

To Freeze from fresh:

Prepare: Use fresh young stalks. Wash thoroughly.

Blanch: Blanch 3 minutes. Chill in iced water 3 minutes. Drain, pack in freezer bags and remove air.

Store: Store in the freezer (0F) up to 6 months

Photo Source: KitLKat

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