When to Buy/In Season:
Season: May – November

How to Select:
Look for: small or medium size bulbs with fresh tops and tender rind

Organic Issues:
Kohlrabi is attached by the same wide range of insects and diseases that attack cabbage, and are treated nontoxically, often covered, by organic growers.

Pesticide Issues:
Not listed

How to Store:
Store: cut off tops and discard. Refrigerate and use within 2 – 3 days

To Freeze from fresh:

Prepararation: Cut off tops and roots. Wash and peel. Leave whole or dice into 1/2-inch cubes.

Blanch: Blanch for 3 minutes. Chill in iced water 3 minutes, or 1 minute for cubs. Drain and place on tray in a single layer. Freeze for 30 minutes. Transfer to freezer bags, remove air, label and seal.

Store: frozen KOHLRABI at (0F) up to six months

Photo Source: fortinbra

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