When to Buy/In Season:
February – May.

How to Select:
Loquats should be fresh, soft, and ripe, golden yellow, 1 – 2 inches long, with downy skin, similar to an apricot. Freckling is natural.

Organic Issues:
Loquats are generally not treated with pesticides, so conventionally grown loquats, while not organic, are typically pesticide free.

Pesticide Issues:
EWG 2009 Dirty Dozen, not listed

How to Store:
Fresh loquats do not store well; however they make wonderful jam!



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Home Canned fruits can be stored for up to 1 year; they may lose quality after that point. Commercially canned fruit can be stored up to 3 years.

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Dried fruit may be stored 6 – 12 months at room temperature, or indefinetly in the freezer.

Photo Souce: kanko

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