When to Buy/In Season:
Fall and Winter

How to Select:
Look for unwaxed roots; wax is used to improve storage as for apples, but also seals in rot and mold. Rutabags should be firm with yellow flesh.

Organic Issues:
Rutabaga is part of the cabbage family, and is treated similarly.

Pesticide Issues:

How to Store:
Keep for a few weeks in the refrigerate or a cool, dry area (similar to storage for potatoes). As they sit, the flavor will develop into a more radish taste. Peel before use.

To Freeze from fresh:

Only use tender young rutabaga. Cut to required size.

Blanch: Blanch 3 minutes. Chill in iced water 3 minutes. Drain and place on tray in a single layer. Freeze for 30 minutes. Transfer to freezer bags, remove air, label and seal.

Store in the freezer (0F) up to six months

Photo Source: jodigreen

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