When to Buy/In Season:
all year

How to Select:
Look for: firm, unblemished turnips, heavy for their size with fresh tops

Organic Issues:
Organic fans believe the flavor of the turnipsis better if unpeeled; conventionally grown turnipsshould be peeled before eating.

Pesticide Issues:
not listed

How to Store:
Store: remove tops, if any. Refrigerate tops and turnips in crisper or wrapped. Use turnips within a week or so. Use tops as soon as possible

To Freeze from fresh:

Preparation: Peel and dice.

Blanch: Blanch 2 minutes, chill in iced water for 2 minutes, spread on a tray and freeze for 30 minutes. Pack into freezer bags, remove air, label and seal.

Freeze: (0F) up to six months

Photo Source: Darwin Bell

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