The following are contacts where you can find coupons, promotions, and other information for brands from Kellogg’s:

Kellogg’s Company
Kellogg’s Company site
Kellogg’s Company contacts

Kellogg’s Main Site
Kellogg’s Main Site Promotions
Kellogg’s company brands ALL promotions
Kellogg’s Main Site Newsletters

  • Kellogg’s Kitchens Recipes
  • Family Focus
  • Healthy Beginnings
  • Kellogg’s Promotions e-News and offers
  • Kellogg’s Main Site Coupons

    Brand pages and offers:

    All-Bran home
    All-Bran offers

    Carr’s Crackers
    Carr’s Crackers home
    Carr’s Crackers contact
    Carr’s Crackers offers

    Cheez-It home
    Cheez-It contact
    Cheez-it offers

    Famous Amos
    Famous Amos home
    Famous Amos contact
    Famous Amos The Cookie Jar newsletter
    Famous Amos coupons and offers

    smooshed Newsletter
    FruitaBu contact

    Kashi home page
    Kashi Contact
    Kashi community sign-up for coupons, offers
    Kashi Connect for taste surveys, free products, etc

    Keebler home page
    Keebler contact
    Keebler Tree mail newsletter
    Keebler promotions

    Morning Star Farms
    Morning Star Farms home
    Morning Star Farms contact
    Morning Star Farms Insider signup for offers, coupons

    Pop-Tarts Sprinklings newsletter and offers

    Ready Crust
    Ready Crust home

    Special K
    Special K home
    Special K free DVD
    Special K newsletter and All-K Pass
    print coupons from home page

    Stretch Island Fruit Leathers
    Stretch Island Fruit Leathers

    Worthington Loma Linda
    Worthington Loma Linda home
    Worthington Loma Linda contact

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