Michelangelo’s Handwritten Shopping List

Here’s possibly the most valuable shopping list you’ll ever see. Most people would never consider a shopping list to be a piece of artwork, but this one might change your mind. This is a handwritten shopping list from Michelangelo which shows that his artwork wasn’t limited to certain projects, but everything that he did — even something as mundane as a shopping list. Why the hand drawn pictures next to the food names? The lists were likely given to a … Continue reading

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Two Tips to Save Time and Money on Cyber Monday

Because more and more people now use online shopping to complete their holiday gift lists, Cyber Monday is becoming as big a shopping day as Black Friday. Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is the online shopping equivalent of Black Friday, when stores hold huge sales and offer great items at very low prices. To make the most of your holiday shopping on Cyber Monday this year, take advantage of these two tips that will help you save time and … Continue reading

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Couponing Basics

The ultimate coupon strategy involves matching up store sales with available coupons, rebates, and other offers to get the lowest price possible, and then stock up. To do this, most couponers use some basic strategies to find the savings. If you’ve tried saving money at the store, and don’t seem to find the super savings (at least 50% off your bill each week), it’s time to do some research on your stores and their policies. Couponing Fundamentals – Researching Your … Continue reading

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Maximize the Saving Power of an Online Coupon

While we focus mainly on grocery coupons on this site, there are other coupons that you should also be taking advantage of such as online coupons/promotional codes. If you do any amount of online shopping, these can greatly reduce your costs. Using coupons and promotional codes while shopping online is a great way to save money, but you will basically shooting yourself in the foot if you abuse their power. You have to be able to learn how to use … Continue reading

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Rainchecks: Always Look for Out-of-Stock Sale Items

When people begin to coupon, one of the things that they fail to take advantage of far too often are rainchecks. In fact, when you start couponing on a regular basis, you soon learn that a raincheck can be one of your best friends when it comes to saving money on your groceries. When you get to an aisle where you were expecting to get a great deal to find that the product has been completely wiped off the shelves, … Continue reading

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Five More Reasons Not to Be Embarrassed to Use Coupons

There seems to be quite a few people that don't use coupons because they are embarrassed to do so. While they may think that there are legitimate reasons that coupons are embarrassing, the truth is that they aren't in the least bit. I mentioned previously five reasons that you shouldn't be embarrassed to use coupons. If that isn't enough, here are five more reasons that you shouldn't feel embarrassed to use them. Stores Want You To Use Them Coupons are … Continue reading

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5 Foods You Thought Were Good For You But Aren't

When it comes to choosing food that is good for you, it can often get confusing. There seems to be a constant shifting of what foods are supposedly good for you and it's often difficult to keep track. What's worse, many of the foods that you might think are good for you actually aren't (you can thank advertisers for that). Below you'll find some foods that you might have thought are good for you, but actually aren't nearly as good … Continue reading

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5 More Coupons You Didn't Know Existed

Most people know that the large manufacturers put out coupons for their products on a regular basis, but it's much more difficult to find coupons for a variety of other food purchased in the grocery store. Just because it's difficult to find grocery coupons for certain products doesn't mean that they don't exist. While it can certainly be more difficult finding them, understanding that they do exist allows you to be on the lookout for them so you can grab … Continue reading

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Five Reason Never to be Embarrassed if You Use Coupons

Coupons can be a great way to save money and organize your finances, but some people are embarrassed to be caught using coupons. There are still far too many people that place a stigma on using coupons with the notion that it's beneath them. While some may look down on those who use coupons, that fact is that there is really nothing to be ashamed of at all when using them. Below are a few reasons that you should never … Continue reading

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5 Food Coupons You Didn't Know Existed

If you're someone who constantly uses coupons, you've probably seen them for almost any food item that you can find in a grocery store. However, there are plenty of items that seem to rarely have coupons. These are general items the grocery store wants you to pay full price for, such as fresh produce or fish or meat by the pound. While coupons for these items are pretty rare, they do exist. Here are a few of the different food … Continue reading

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