Other Places To Find Coupons

Once you become attuned to seeking coupons other than online, you are apt to find them all around you and you’ll likely be surprised at how many you have overlooked in the past. It only takes being alert to realize that coupons can be found in many places right under your nose. Before you toss out those brochures, junk mail, even packaging, skim through them. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Free Samples

Manufacturers want you to sample their products. They also want you to head out to the store and buy their products and to encourage you to do this they will sometimes give away free samples. Sign up for free samples of any products, or brands for which you may want coupons.

places to find coupons - save money


When you receive a free sample, that sample may also arrive with even more savings. Here a sample of two or three post-it flags arrives in a brochure:

places to find coupons - save money


Which opens to reveal not only the sample, but a $2 coupon on ANY Post-It Flag product.


places to find coupons - save money

Manufacturers Newsletters and Promotions

While you are signing up for samples and newsletters, check the box to receive future promotions by mail. You may be surprised at what shows up periodically in your mailbox:

places to find coupons - save money


Eukanuba, Iams, Purina, Science Diet, and other puppy registrations result in periodic coupon mailings for pet food formulas supporting your dogs growth and development:
places to find coupons - save money

Gerber, Beechnut, Similac, Enfamil, and other manufacturers periodically mail coupons geared to your child’s changing stages of development. No matter your need, once manufacturers have your mailing information, and permission to send you promotions, they will. In order to receive these discounts, however, you must sign up to receive them.

Junk Mail

Most people don’t like being on mailing lists for stores and products they are not familiar with, but before you discard that circular or flyer, take a few seconds to open it up. It may just be filled with incentives to change your mind:

places to find coupons - save money


Customer Loyalty Cards

If you thought the customer loyalty cards were just a means of tracking your purchases while allowing you to receive the sales prices, think again. Many stores tailor coupons at check out, and in the mail, to your specific shopping patterns. If you purchased dog food at one store for several weeks, but haven’t lately, your junk mail may include store coupons to reclaim your business.

places to find coupons - save money


You may think you don’t shop at a store frequently enough to sign up for a customer card and decide not to bother. This is a mistake. If you have a card and aren’t using it, you may once again be surprised at the shopping incentives you receive in the mail. Often times more coupons will arrive to try and lure you back to shopping at the store:

places to find coupons - save money

Instant Win Games

An increasing trend among manufacturers provides coupons as a prize for instant win games and sweepstakes. Healthy Choice, Dannon, Kraft, Calgon, Clorox, Nestle, Coca-Cola, to name but a few, all have offered coupons as prizes for instant win games. The best chances for winning are in the first few days of the game, and towards the end, when all prizes must be awarded.

places to find coupons - save money



Magazines have long been a source of coupons. While the times and styles have changed, coupon inserts are frequently found in women’s magazines. Coupons printed within the pages are less common, but are frequently found in targeted audience magazines. Natural Health frequently has coupons for natural/organic products. Men’s Health magazine usually contains coupons for protein bars, codes for free samples and coupons for nutrition or body building products. The frequency and exact coupons vary, but check your pages before discarding your favorite periodicals.

places to find coupons - save money


Other Sources

Coupons can be found almost anywhere there is print space

places to find coupons - save money

Coupons are commonly available printed inside cardboard product packaging, such as cereal boxes, frozen dinners, yogurt packs, to name a few. Coupons also often tucked behind labels on cans! While the exterior of the package often indicates coupons are present, it’s not always obvious, as in the above Scotch tape coupon. Remember, if print space is available, a manufacturer may be using it for a coupon, so be on the alert when you see printing anywhere unusual.

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  1. Cathy Brandt says:

    thanks for the information it was great to learn that.

  2. Tanya Seely says:

    I love how your helping people with coupon info but I don’t have a printer so do you know any web sites I can go to get coupons sent to my home.

  3. Peggy says:

    I remember my Mom-in-law collecting UPC symbols, box tops, labels, logos, etc. from all types of brand-name items. She would fill out a form and mail it, with the collected # of labels, etc. (and the cash register receipt) to the company. A few weeks later, she would receive vouchers and/or coupons in the mail. Is this procedure still popular? If so, how do I get started?

  4. ghada says:

    first i would like to thank u for this nice wibesite , then i would like to ask if is there any way to receive frish vegetables and fruit coupons