There was an article in the Daily News that lists 10 grocery store saving myths. Here they are according to the article:

1. Shop with a list: If you stick strictly to a list then you miss out on deals that happen not to be on your list.

2. Buy the largest size of everything: Bigger sizes can be more expensive so you are better to check unit cost.

3. Buy whole chickens and cut them up yourself: Unless you’re an expert at cutting there will be a lot of waste and it can be cheaper to buy in parts when on sale.

4. Don’t buy anything from the salad bar because you’ll pay more: Lighter items can be less expensive and you can get the exact amount you want.

5. Don’t take your kids to the store with you: If you leave your kids at home, you won’t know what they want to eat and end up buying things that get thrown away.

6. Don’t buy pricey meats like beef or lamb: You can buy these if you watch what cuts of meats you buy.

7. Canned fruits and vegetables are not as nutritious as fresh ones, so avoid them: “Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are often cheaper than fresh, and can actually be more nutritious.”

8. Coupons are always for junk food: This isn’t true, but you may have to learn where to find them.

9. Shop just once a week, not multiple times: When you do this, you buy all kinds of fresh produce that ends up getting neglected and thrown out instead of eaten.

10. Fish is so pricey it should only be bought on special occasions: It depends on the fish and there are some that are cheap. Don’t forget canned fish.

It’s an interesting take on how you should shop and I’m not sure I agree with all of them, but a good article to get you thinking. I’d be interested in hearing your opinions on them…

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