Sometimes it is helpful knowing when the different coupon inserts are scheduled to appear in your Sunday newspaper. Below is the 2007 schedule for coupon inserts to appear for the Vlassis, SmartSource and Proctor & Gamble coupon inserts.

V = Valassis
SS = SmartSource
2SS = two unique SmartSource inserts
P&G = Proctor and Gamble

7th – SS (2), V (2), P&G
14th – SS, V
21st – SS, V, P&G
28th – SS, V

4th – SS, V
11th – SS (2), V, P&G
18th NO INSERTS – President's Day
25th – SS, V

4th – SS, V, P&G
11th – SS, V
18th – SS, V
25th – SS, V

1st – SS (2), V, P&G
8th NO INSERTS – Easter
15th – SS, V
22nd – SS, V
29th – SS (2), V

6th – SS, V, P&G
13th – SS (2), V
20th – SS, V
27th NO INSERTS – Memorial Day

3rd – SS, V, P&G
10th – SS, V
17th – SS, V
24th – SS, V

1st – SS, P&G
8th – SS, V
15th – SS
22nd – SS
29th – SS, V

5th – SS, V, P&G
12th – SS, V
19th – SS, V
26th – SS, V

2nd – P&G, No other inserts – Labor Day
9th – SS, V
16th – SS, V
23rd – SS, V
30th – SS, V

7th – SS, V, P&G
14th – SS, V
21st – SS, V
28th – SS,

4th – SS, V, P&G
11th – SS, V (2)
18th – SS
25th NO INSERTS – Thanksgiving

2nd – SS, V, P&G
9th – SS, V
16th – SS
23rd NO INSERTS- Christmas

Here was the 2006 Insert Schedule

These schedules can change from time to time as the year progresses. If any changes have been make, you can find them at hot coupon world

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