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10 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Coupons

Sometimes when you're looking for ways to save money at the grocery store, the only thing that seems to get mentioned in coupons. While coupons are a great way to save money when grocery shopping, they aren't the only way. In fact, there are a lot of ways that you can save money while grocery shopping that hhave nothing to do with coupons. By far the best way is to change the way you shop. This is how those “extreme … Continue reading

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Ways Grocery Stores Get You To Spend More Money

Like any other business, grocery stores are always trying to get their customers to spend more money. The truth is that the entire design of every grocery store you enter has been created in such a way to attempt to get you to part with as much money as possible while you are in there. It is literally a science where hundreds of hours of experiments have been conducted to see how doing certain things can get the customer to … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Grocery Shop More Efficiently

One of the best ways to ensure that you save money when grocery shopping is to make sure that you are as efficient as possible when shopping. Disorganization and lack of efficiency almost always results in spending more than you intended to needed to spend. There are a tone of little things that can make your shopping trip less efficient and when these all get combined together, it can cost hundreds of dollars a year. here are a few ways … Continue reading

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Ways Grocery Stores Manipulate Your Senses

Grocery stores can be overwhelming for our senses since there's so much to see, touch, smell, hear, and taste. Grocery stores like to take advantage of this over-stimulation and will use it to their advantage by trying to get you to buy more products. Understanding how grocery stores subtly influence your buying habits by manipulating your senses can help you shop better and save money at the grocery store. Here are some common ways that they do so. Free Samples … Continue reading

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