Accounts to Follow on TikTok for Couponing Tips

Who doesn’t love social media and the internet? There are many things you can do besides have the world checkout your life through your unique lens. For me, I love researching things and joining interest groups. They allow me to delve deeper into a topic I am curious about. As for coupons, I am in a whole lot of groups so I can perfect my craft. Lately, I have been curious to join the latest social media craze, TikTok. All my friends say they have the best videos and you can learn all sorts of things. I set up an account and looked for the best TikTok couponing tips from the best TikTok Couponers. If you’re looking for folks to follow on TikTok keep reading.


The name behind the tag is Katie Swanson. She is an avid couponer that started her TikTok in March 2019. She started her page to brag on her stockpile. After getting questions on how she does it and millions of views, she started elevating her platform to educate others on the nuances of couponing. Today she has over 1.3 million followers and hundreds of videos for you to check out. From what I see, she posts new videos weekly.


Another interesting page I came across belonged to a woman named Karla Benavides. From what I found out, she started couponing as a way to save her family of five money. Her page is dedicated to families, as she helps them navigate how to locate the best deals and save money in the process. She gives great TikTok couponing tips, has over 300,000 followers, and posts lots of videos with coupon breakdowns weekly.


If you are all about couponing for a cause and reaction videos, then you will love this 25-year-old who is doing big things. She started couponing September 2020, intending to help people in need. Within two months, she amassed a large stockpile and took her followers on a stockpile tour. She hopes to donate these items to a variety of causes like battered women and children in foster care. She currently has over 200,000 followers, and you could be next.

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