If you are waiting for your local stores to pick up on the paperless clipfree coupon trend, you might want to check out the latest.  Zavers.com,  a leader in providing paperless coupons, has recently launched a clip-free grocery coupon service.  The Zavers program allows you to link coupons directly from your PC and/or your mobile phone on to your grocery store shopping card; however, unlike some paperless coupon sites, Zavers does not require you to sign up for both services (internet and text/mobile).  Zavers.com also uniquely provides store coupons, in addition to the manufacturer coupons.

To access and use the coupons, you simply sign up for Zavers with your store card, and click through the list of coupons online to select those you want to use.  Once the coupons have been linked to your store shopping card, the discounts will be automatically redeemed at checkout when you use your shopping card.

You can store and use up to 40 clipfree coupons through Zavers.  Paperless coupons are not doubled or tripled.  Some manufacturers allow the use of a paperless coupon and a paper coupon for the same item, while others do not.
Stores currently participating in this new program include:

  • A&P
  • Waldbaum’s
  • Superfresh
  • The Food Emporium
  • Pathmark

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  1. They aren’t in my area it looks like but I asked if they had any plans to work with Kroger/Dillons or CVS. Thanks!

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