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This week, I have a busy schedule planned. On Saturday, I’ll be organizing a campout for a group of special needs adults with a Jurassic Park theme. I have made arrangements for decorations, fancy seating options, and a specially curated menu that complements the chosen theme. However, I still need to buy groceries for the event. To make the most of my shopping experience, I thought it would be wise to look for the best food deals of the week. Here’s my plan for where to shop and what to buy.

Little Giant

My first stop will be the Little Giant farmers market. I enjoy going here just for meat. For some reason, their meat prices seem to be the most reasonable and reliable in town. I only need a few meat cuts, so I will be picking up chicken wings and fish from there. The chicken wings have been on sale for a few weeks. You can get a pack of whole wings for under $3, so I will take two.


For my upcoming dinner, I plan to grab some meat, sides, and drinks from Kroger. They have a great buy 4 for $13 soda sale that I’m taking advantage of by purchasing some zero-sugar bottled Coke and Pepsi products. To maximize savings on other items, I prefer to shop during off-peak hours like early morning or late at night. Hopefully, I can score some discounted ground beef for less than $4 in the reduced-price section. I’ll also be picking up ingredients for my lobster bisque and cabbage salad. Kroger is my go-to for all my grocery needs.

Dollar Tree

Lastly, I will head over to Dollar Tree. They are not a grocery store but do have some grocery staples that I need all for $1.25. I will pick up some snack board items from there like pretzels, hot pickles, dried fruit, nuts, and more. I will also be getting fruit juice for morning breakfast. I like the Healthy Choice, white grape selection.

You may not be throwing a Jurrasic theme campout, but you can benefit from these stores and deals. Here are just some of the best food deals of the week I need. What are you looking for?

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