I like to vacation and grocery shop. I know most of the time while you’re on vacation, you’re not looking to do much work. However, sometimes, it’s better to cook your meals than to eat out for every meal while vacationing. My dad knows all about that, as he always heads to the store as soon as we reach our destination. He makes sure our fridge is stocked for at least with enough items to carry us through a few meals during the trip. If you’re like him and wanna save on meals while out of town, follow along for information about the best groceries to buy on vacation.


Breakfast is the one meal I’m ok with being cooked while on vacation. You can’t go wrong with a few traditional fixings. The best groceries you can get for breakfast include the essentials like eggs, bacon, pancake mix, and fresh fruit. Pair the eggs with some freshly chopped vegetables for a nice sizzling omelet. You can cut up some of your fruit to make fruit-topped pancakes with maple syrup. Don’t forget to buy some fresh juice to wash it all down. A good home-cooked breakfast in your hotel or Airbnb could save you anywhere from $50 to a couple of hundred dollars while on vacation.


Lunch is an easy fix as well. You can have a beautiful picnic lunch with fancy handmade subs, some good kettle chips, and use leftover fruit from breakfast. You can pick up a dessert to share and water or fruit juice to go with the meal. Fresh soups and salads also provide a nice alternative to the heavy lunches we are accustomed to while on vacation. You can easily save between $15-$30 per person for lunch by making it yourself.


I will say dinner is always the most expensive meal of the day. It’s a must that I go to a restaurant for dinner while I’m on vacation, but there are certain instances where it’s appropriate to cook for yourself. If you’re having a large gathering in the mountains or just having a chill vacation, this is a great choice. Some simple grocery ideas for those settings include using the grill to make some steaks or burgers. Large pasta dishes or coastal cuisine also pair nicely. My dad’s go-to is a rotisserie chicken, Hawaiian rolls, and a homemade side that cost less than $15 to feed the group.

Here are just some tips on what groceries to buy on vacation. Check out the posted video for more ideas, or leave your ideas in the comment box below.

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