For all those coupon shoppers that are thinking about getting up in the early hours of November 28 to try and score some great Christmas shopping deals, take some well learned advice from your grocery price book. Many of the deals that are promoted on Black Friday aren't really all that great of a deal if you are willing to do a little comparison shopping.

Think of it like the specials at the end of the aisle at the grocery store. Yes, sometimes they are good deals, but many other times they are simply big “bargain banners” with product that isn't priced all that well. Most people think it's a deal just because the grocery store claims it's a deal. Since you have your price book, you know when it really is a deal and when it's not despite the big banners.

Black Friday has turned into these end aisles at the grocery store displays in a lot of ways. Stores have learned that if they put out a flyer with “bargains” written all over it, a lot of people will just assume that they are getting a good price. More and more they aren't.

So do as you would do when shopping at the grocery store. Do some online comparison shopping to see what the product is selling for before you assume that its a great Black Friday deal. Your wallet will thank you for it.

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