Saving money on groceries has become somewhat of a hobby for several devoted couponers, spending hours organizing and scouring out the perfect discount codes for their weekly trip to the store. While this method of saving money is tried and true, the past few years have thrown a monkey wrench into the traditional couponing process. The virus has completely changed the way we shop, and finding physical sales is not as easy as before.

Without a doubt, Covid has pushed many stores to change their sales tactics. Almost all popular chain stores offer curbside pickup and buy online, pick-up in-store options. Many grocery stores are 100% online as well, erasing the need to even leave your home. While these services seem awfully convenient, will they still be able to provide you with the savings you can get in traditionally in-store sales? In this blog post, we’ll explore why online shopping may be the easiest way to save you money on your next grocery bill.

Product Variety

In 2022, there are more strict diets and eating restrictions for people than ever before. If you find yourself disappointed by the number of allergy-friendly or vegan options at your local supermarket, then online shopping is the answer for you. With 1.8 billion websites up and running simultaneously at any given time, you will be sure to find all the specific foods and supplements you need on the internet. In fact, most all-natural or organic online grocery stores offer free shipping and have plenty of great sales.

Clearly, it’s no secret that chain grocery stores are keen on pushing their store brand onto the shelves. While these off-brand grocery items may be saving you money, you may still need a certain brand that the store doesn’t provide. With online grocery stores, you can get the exact brand you need instead of having to settle for a less trusted name. While online grocery stores offer a plethora of choices, they often don’t sell produce or dairy due to shipping and spoilage concerns, so you may still need to pick up your refrigerated and frozen items curbside at your local store.

Impulse Control

Everyone has been there. You’re walking down the grocery aisle, dead set on bringing home nothing but a box of cereal. Then suddenly, you have a cart full of things you never intended to buy. This age-old struggle is simply erased with online grocery shopping. While sites may offer suggestions here and there, it is easy to close them and check out with exactly the items you need, nothing more, nothing less. This may seem like a small detail, but it will save you tons of money in the long run.

Transportation Savings

When you think about your grocery bill, chances are that you don’t factor in the cost of gas to get to the store. In addition to the time it takes you to shop and load your groceries, transportation costs can pile up quickly. With online grocery shopping, you can either have your items shipped right to your door, or pick them up curbside, saving valuable time. Most online grocery stores offer free shipping on orders that hit a price minimum, so keep your eyes peeled for bulk products on sale.

Ultimately, can you really save money by turning your weekly grocery trip into an online shopping party? The answer is undeniably yes! By finding sales on your favorite items and utilizing curbside pickup at your reliable local stores, you can save money, gas, and valuable time in your day. Give it a try today and see how much easier your shopping can be.

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