Sale prices in my area were horrible last week!  There were a few deals to consider, but overall I passed on shopping.  Instead, I used the organic produce frozen from last summer’s gardening.  I made a huge pot of Minestrone soup, some bread, and hoped for better deals next week.


Today I used my annual Costco rebate to purchase a few “tide-me-overs”: things I’d normally stock up on for less by combining sales with coupons, but need a few to get by until the next sale comes along.  I also bought organic juice and fresh produce, which is not only cheaper at Costco, but a better quality right now.


Here’s what I purchased:


Neutrogena Sunscreen 3-pack, $13.79

–coupon savings $3.50


Splenda granulated twin pack, $14.99

–coupon savings $4


Kleenex 12 box, $15.49

–coupon savings $3.50


Zyrtec 75 count, $31.75

–coupon savings $5


Earthbound Farms organic baby greens, 1 lb, $4.49


Earthbound Farms organic carrot juice, 3 pack, $7.59


Broccoli crowns, 3 lbs, $4.79


Asparagus, 2.25 lbs, $3.99


Mushrooms, 24 oz,  $3.99


Cone coffee filters, 400 count, $3.59


Potting Soil, two bags, $11.19 each



Total: $112.44

Rebate:  $158.23


Cash back:  $49.79


The total came to $112, but using the rebate check, I actually spent nothing “out of pocket”, which is definitely in line with my $25 a week grocery budget.  I also received $49.79 CASH back for the remainder of the rebate, which I can use to meet my budget at other stores in the upcoming weeks.


The new ads arrived in my mailbox today — ShopRite, Acme, Weis, Giant, Rite Aid, Superfresh, etc.….and new coupons should come in tomorrows weekend paper.   So time to start planning once again J.

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