Now that the holidays are upon us, we are looking for great gifts and looking forward to spending time with the ones we love. While some of us are lucky to live close to our families, many people travel during the holiday season to be close to theirs. If I told you there was a way to get to your loved ones, or even to travel destinations quickly and for low cost to you, would you try? Frontier Airlines may be just what you need.

Why FrontierAirlines

If I want to travel on a budget I head right over to Frontier Airlines. I know what your thinking, how long has it been around? Whats the quality of the aircraft? I olny fly Delta! I had these same questions, comments, and concerns myself, but don’t let that turn you away from at least giving them a shot. Frontier Airlines is a budget airline based in Denver Colorado. The airline flies to over 100 destinations to include Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Recently I purchased a round trip flight from Atlanta to Philladelphia, and another round trip flight from Atlanta to Orlando and the price came in a $28.60 round trip each. Heres some tips on how you can get your trips this low.

Promotions at Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines has a sale almost every day. November 25th when I checked the promotion was 75% off fares between 12/5-12/17 or 1/7-2/12 on selected days of the week and select locations. On November 21st they boasted $20 one way fares. For the prices of my tickets to Philly and Orlando, the company advertised Penny Fares. This means I paid a penny, as recorded on the receipt, for the seat plus government fees and taxes. The fee came in lower than $15 per segment.

If you sign up for their list, they will email you all the time with super discounted prices. Be on the lookout for penny fares for the best rates.

Pro tip: When you want to take advantage of a promotion locate a segment from your location you are interested in. If you are using an email link the starting price and locations should come up when you click the link. After you have found your destination type in your dates. Be sure they in the range provided for the deal. When the flight’s show, hit month view so you can see the cheapest dates to fly and plan your trip from there.

Baggage and Fees

Many people complain about the baggage fees and no-frills associated with the airline. The baggage fee for a carry on is around $30-$60 depending on whether you add it on at the time of booking or the gate. Fees usually go up from there. I avoid paying baggage fees, by using a personal item that fits underneath the seat. This only works if you know how to travel light.

Pro tip: I always carry a Nike duffle bag or similar bag with me and do not pay a thing. They never ask to put it in their baggage check preboarding and it slides underneath the seat no problems.

Picking your Seat

Another fee to avoid is picking your seat. Unless you know the flight is about to be packed, like leaving home from Vegas, you do not need to do this. I never pick a seat and always have ended up next to the person I booked with.

Pro tip: I also wait until the last possible moment to check in to get a better seat in the exit row or close to the front.

I love to travel Frontier Airlines for their super low prices, even with no-frills my experiences have been pleasant. I urge you to try it for yourselves, this holiday season.

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