Earn hundreds of dollars each week clipping coupons! You have probably seen the claims and wondered if this would be a good work-at-home job and if the claims of the money that can be made are true. The simple answer is “no.”

Promoters of the Grocery Coupon Books need coupons to fill orders of the certificates that are sold. In order to get these coupons, they make overblown claims about the potential income or profit people can make working at home clipping coupons. Making hundreds of dollars or even thousands each week often accompany their pitches.

The claims are appealing to those looking for a simple work at home job, but the money that they claim can be made just doesn’t exist. If you start clipping coupons for these organizations, you’ll receive far less from the organization than promised if anything at all. A common ploy is to say that the coupons clipped don’t meet “their standards” and they will offer to return them to you if you provide a self addressed stamped envelope. Since you rarely need the coupons, you will decline and they can use all the coupons you clipped without paying you a dime.

Unfortunately, there is no grocery coupon clipping service that will pay you enough to make worth the time and effort of clipping coupons from home.

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