It's not often that you can improve your couponing and grocery shopping skills while helping others at the same time at no cost to you, but now it's possible at a new website called Coupon Quiz

Basically, you read the question and then click on the answer that you think is correct. If you are correct, $0.50 in coupons are donated to military families living overseas. If you are incorrect, the correct answer will appear, but no amount in coupons will be donated. You can get up to 5 correct answer making a donation of $2.50 in coupons per day. Get a few friends to help as well and you can send hundreds of dollars of coupons a month while testing your coupon and grocery store shopping knowledge.

Why do military families living overseas need coupons? While military commissaries overseas accept manufacturer coupons, it's difficult for these families to get coupons since the normal means of coupon distribution aren't available there. The site's mission is to send manufacturer coupons to bases overseas where the families living there can choose the coupons that they want to help reduce the amount they must spend on food.

It's a win-win situation for everyone, so the next time you need a 10 minute break, test your coupon smarts and help military families reduce their grocery bills at the same time.

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