Here's a tip when shopping at discount wholesale stores such as BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club. An easy way to tell if an item is on clearance is to see if the price ends in a “1” — if it does then it means it is on clearance, and usually has a significant price reduction (the price ending in 1 is the reduced price).

There are a lot of items on that go on clearance for as much as 50% off or more, but these clearance deals aren't advertised. What usually happens is a sharp shopper will catch it, and then spread the deal by word of mouth. These clearance items rarely are left after lunchtime.

A couple of recent examples: A $7.78 box of Granola Bites which was priced down to $1.81 and Bear Naked Granola variety pack marked down from $7 to $3.81. These clearance items are usually snack items or smaller groceries, and many times there is still a good amount of stock of it left. Even with a good amount of stock, it still goes fast. To be sure, ask the wholesale club you belong to if they do this, and what number to look for.

Hattip: dynobyke

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that at target when the clearance price ends in 4 like 3.84 that is the last time that product will be marked down before it goes wherever they get rid of there stuff to.

  2. that is very interesting to know, I will definately check this out the next time I have a Trip to SAMS!

    Thanks to Michelle for that tip on the Target clearance too! I just love saving money and streching dollars!

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