I come on here and talk about Kroger all the time. It is my favorite store. I go there a couple of times a week. Last night I was there and came across a lot of great deals. If you are trying to save on your grocery bill, here are some fire deals at Kroger you can get right now.


If you’re looking for inexpensive seafood, stop what you’re doing and head over to Kroger! Right now, there are a lot of seafood markdowns. You can find crab meat pre-shelled for 50% to 65% off. I purchased some for delicious crab and lobster rolls. You can also find pre-portioned salmon, pollack, and other types of fish and shrimp marked down as well. I picked up some extra large Argentina red shrimp for as low as $5.39. They will make a wonderful addition to my seafood boil!

Texas-Sized Deal

If you live in Texas, check your AD! One Kroger Facebook group is highlighting a major sale on chicken. The ad, out of Texas and a few other states, is advertising buy one get two free packs of Tyson chicken. People are loading up and saving a lot of money to get this party-sized deal. This is a great savings opportunity, especially when chicken is pricey. I will have to stop by and pick some up for myself.

Kroger Pick-Up Deal

There is one other deal I keep seeing on my page as well. There is a digital coupon for $10 and $15 off the next grocery pickup order. People are combining both coupons with other deals to get basement bargain prices on food. I’ve seen people using them to get chicken, diapers, chips, paper goods, and more. The savings are incredible.

These are just a few fire deals at Kroger this week. Watch the posted video for more.

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