If you are planning to go on a picnic, these are four types of food that should be left at home.

1. Anything that melts: If the day gets warm, anything that melts will be unwelcome at a picnic. Leave the chocolate and ice-cream at home.

2. Anything that spoils easily: If it is something that needs to be kept on ice, it doesn't belong at a picnic. Not only can it go bad, it can also make you very sick. Leave the seafood for another time.

3. Sugary and sticky food: Unless you are looking to attract bugs left and right, leaving sticky and sugary foods at home is in your best interest.

4. Foods that require special tools to eat: If it requires a special tool to eat, it shouldn't be at a picnic. There's nothing worse than bringing some food out that nobody can eat because they can't get it open. Coconuts and nuts in the shell aren't for picnics.

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