Okayama Restaurant: free meal
Old Spaghetti Warehouse: free meal
Onami: free dinner (with 3 other paid customers)
Outback Steakhouse: free dessert

Pancake house: free entree
Pappa’s Restaurant: free dessert
Paradiso’s: free meal
Perkin’s: free stack of pancakes
PF Changs: free cake
Pizza Express: free meal
Poncho’s – free meal, free dessert, free photo
Provino’s Italian Restaurant: free meal, free ice-cream

Real Seafood Company: free meal, free dessert
Red Lobster: free cake
Red Robins – free burger (must register first)
Rice & Company – free meal (must register as “Robinson Rewards Club” member first)
Rock Bottom: free appetizer (must register as “Mug Club” member first)
Round Table: free personal pizza

Shepard’s Buffet: free dinner buffet (with 3 other paid customers)
Steak and Ale: free mini chocolate cake
Steak-n-Shake: free dinner for kids (must register as “birthday club” member first)
Taco Bell: free combo meal
TGI Fridays: free dessert
The Barnsider’s Depot Restaurant: 50% off meal, free cake

Some other birthday stuff: While most people only think of restaurants and other eating establishments for birthday specials, there are a wide variety of retailers that offer birthday specials. Any place you plan to visit on your birthday you should call and see what, if any, birthday specials they offer. This is especially true with places that you frequent regularly or enjoy shopping at. The call is free and you may be surprised that they have a special something for you. Here are some examples of other places that offer free birthday specials:

Bowling Alleys: Some bowling alleys will give away a free game of bowling
Casinos: Casinos give away a wide variety of specials to birthday guests
Golf Courses: some golf courses will give away a free round of golf
Movie Theaters: Some movie theaters will give free tickets or discounted tickets
Retail Shops: some retail shops give away specials to birthday customers
Ski Resorts: Some ski resorts will give away a free day of skiing
Video Rental Stores: Some movie rental stores will give a free video rental

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