It’s almost time for me to go grocery shopping again. We are down to a few pieces of fish, fries, and instant meals. It’s not going to get us through next week, so I am searching the web for the best grocery deals for the week. Upon looking, I found a few free grocery items this week across several apps and my favorite stores. If you are interested, follow along for more information.


I love the cashback app Ibotta. You can save your favorite coupon deals to your account. After you pay in-store, simply submit your receipt for the cashback. Once you meet the account threshold, you can redeem for cash via Paypal and Venmo or opt for gift cards. This week they have several awesome freebies to take advantage of. I have come across Free So Delicious Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Yogurt, Core Keto Bars, Baya Energy drinks, SkintTe Tea, and Community Coffee Iced Lattes are all free on the app right now. Along with these freebies are a host of BOGO offers. 


I recently started using the app, Fetch. It’s relatively new to me, but not to people in the coupon community looking to score more cashback offers. This week there are only a few freebies on the site. You can get a Gatorade Zero with protein and Ticonderoga Pencils 100% off. There are also great offers on Perfect Keto Bars, One A Day Multi Gummies, and school supply items.

In-Store Freebies

Alongside using the apps, you are going to find a lot of freebies in-store paring sales with cashback apps, paper, and digital coupons. Some items of note this week are Montchevre goat cheese at Target, which is a money maker when paired with the several Ibotta coupons available. Or you could also grab Dr. Pragers Snsible Foods products which are on BOGO right now. Paired with this printable and an Ibotta offer, you can get your items free.  

It’s time to hit the store, but not before knowing how to save and what to buy. If you enjoy these freebies and want more, leave a comment below. Also, check out the posted video for Publix deals and let us know what grocery store is your favorite.

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