When it comes to housework, I hate it. It’s too much, especially after a long day of work. However, it must be done. One way to sweeten the deal is by using the best cleaning products that get the job done quick, fast, and in a hurry. It’s even better if they’re free. If you’re looking to up your cleaning game or to reduce your spending, read more about how to get free cleaning supplies below.

Contact the Manufacturer

If you’re looking to try out new products, always contact the manufacturer first. Many manufacturers want you to try out and review their products. They want to know whether consumers love the products or if they need improvement. They also like giving away freebies for customer retention. Some of my favorite brands include Persil, P&G, Zolex, and Groove Collaborative as they often give out free cleaning supplies.

Free Stuff Finder Sites

Another way to locate free cleaning supplies is with deal websites. Specifically, look for sites that aim to find freebies across the web. My favorite of these sites is Frebbie Panda, but there are many similar sites on the web. These sites are designed to help you score free products from food, to beauty, to cleaning supplies. They provide you with the deals and details to sign up. The whole process takes a matter of minutes to complete. Currently, they have a posted deal for Dreft detergent and information on how to score a free handheld vacuum. 


Aside from deal sites and talking to the manufacturer, don’t forget to utilize your coupons. Coupons can not only make cleaning supplies cheap, they can make them free. Before hitting the store, make a list of the cleaning supplies on sale. Write down any store coupons and manufacturer coupons, as well as cashback deals you have for the items. Take note of which ones come up free or a moneymaker, and complete those deals. You can check out deal finder sites to make it easier.

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