Target is advertising, for the sale beginning 3/22 (in most areas), Schick Quattro or Schick Intuition razors at $6.99 each.  Good price, but in addition, Target is offering a $5 gift card when you buy two.  This weekends Sunday coupon insert has two $4 coupons for Schick razors, so you can get 2 razors for 98 cents when you factor in the gift card.  That’s a great deal!

If you were lucky enough to receive the Target Store coupon, you can “stack it” with the manufacturer’s coupons for another $1 off … free razors!


This would be a good deal to buy additional razors for future use (stockpiling).  To do this, bring the $5 gift card in with two more coupons, purchase two more razors, receive another $5 g/c for buying two…and so on.  Since these razors typically sell for over $10 at drug and grocery stores, and should have an infinite shelf life, purchasing them now for free, or nearly free, could provide many months of savings on quality razors.

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